About Me

- by Andrea Pattison

Just like Dolly, I have always sang my heart out right from when I could speak. Always putting on concerts in the back garden and making up my own songs. there werent many opportunities when I grew up, and coming from a huge family, there were no finances to send me for singing lessons. So after leaving school, I was a retail assisant working in clothes shops but I never got much work done as I was constantly jumping around entertaining and impersonating people for my colleages and customers. It was pointed out to me that I had missed my vocation, and from this I found a perfoming arts course which I quickly enrolled in, I have never looked back… 

This lead to my acceptance into Newcastle Colleage to study for my HND in popular music and Jazz. After finishing I couldn’t wait to get out there. I got my first PA system from a charity called the Princes Youth Business Trust. I quickly set about performing anywhere and everywhere.

Building my reputation lead to me being hired as wedding singer in a band called Laughing Jacks which I did for 10 years before people kept pointing out how great my Dolly Parton impersonation was. Realising how popular Dolly Parton is I quickly ran out to aquire a wig, a push up bra and the highest pair of heels I could find and I have never looked back!